Pre and Post Independence (1945-65)- Combined Punjab

1945 – 1952

He was the General Secretary of Congress Workers’ Assembly, Karnal (later called DCC, Karnal) during 1946-51. He collected the largest amount of 6 lacs in the District for Gandhi National Memorial Fund in 1948.

From 1947 till 1952, he edited the Balidaan weekly. In addition he published an Urdu Pamphlet `Vaish Jati Ki Girawat aur uska Asli Kaaran’ pleading remarriage amongst the Aggarwals.  Social service was always one of his interests and he remained AICC and President Dist. Harijan Sewak Samaj, Karnal and led the Old Tenant’s Movement (1950-51). This agitation succeeded and Punjab Government had to issue instructions to restore the lands to those old tenants who had been uprooted earlier. He was also General Secretary of Karnal Dist. Committee of the Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Fund.


He became a member Punjab Legislative Assembly from Samalkha Constituency. His selflessness was evident when he contributed one sixth of his income (Rs 50/ per month) to Sampatti Daan Movement of Acharya Vinoba Bhave for many years beginning 1954. He joined Vinoba Bhave in Padyatra (1953-55). He was convener of Dist. Bhoodan Samiti till 1956 and in-charge of Bhoodan movement in Punjab.

Babuji (Center wearing white Gandhi cap) with Acharya Vinoba Bhave (Walking as a part of Bhoodan movement)

Babuji (Center wearing white Gandhi cap) with Acharya Vinoba Bhave (Walking as a part of Bhoodan movement)

During 1955-56 he held many political and social organizations in a quick succession. He was President DCC, Karnal; Chairman Assurances Committee, Member of Select Committee in Punjab Legislative Assembly with Sh Pratap Singh Kairon as President.

Between 1956-57, he joined the cabinet of Sh Pratap Singh Kairon as Minister of P.W.D (B&R), Excise and Taxation.

1957-62 (As a Member of Parliament)

Babuji shaking hands with Nehru (1952-53)

Babuji shaking hands with Nehru



He was elected an M.P from Kaithal. Legend goes that he spent only Rs 4000/ on his election campaign. Due to his active life during the early years as M.P., he came in good books of Pt. Nehru. He became member of Cooperative Farming Advisory Committee, Taxation Advisory Committee and Small Industries Board. But there was no stopping for him. His financial acumen came to the fore when he was given the responsibility of Convener of the Finance Standing Committee with the then Finance Minister, Sh. Morarji Desai. In 1959 he was one of the five members of the Congress Committee, set up in pursuance of the Balwant Rai Mehta Committee Report to oversee the work of Panchayti Raj.


In 1962, his close associate from Karnal, Comrade Ram Pyara was mercilessly beaten by goons of Sh Pratap Singh Kairon. He resigned from Karnal Dist. Citizen Council in protest against this barbaric act and fought for his friend against the powerful Chief Minister. He represented the case against Sh Pratap Singh Kairon in Das Commission constituted to inquire into the acts of favouratism of Sh Kairon.